STAFF AND CUSTOMERS INCENTIVES - "Experience Calm & Serenity to achieve work life balance"

In business we all know how important it is to have motivated, happy staff.
When staff are healthy, calm and relaxed they become more productive and engaged.  
This is a great way to show your staff how much you appreciate them and their hard work with a ‘team trip’ to the spa for some much earned time out!
We can customise any spa treatments as a package within your budget and requirements.

Our Gift Vouchers are a perfect incentive for both your team and valued customers!

We are very flexible and accommodating to every individuals needs so refer to our main menu “treatments" across a specialty of:
• Massages – easing away muscle tension and exfoliating the body
• Facials – providing more hydration and glow
• Foot therapy –Sitting back in the hanging pods and enjoying a blissful foot massage


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We specialise in Lunch & learn Seminars

Bring awareness about health to your team and let's work on customised well being topics to suit your work environment

Our health program is supporting and inspiring businesses within the community.  We integrate a health culture within your work environment, empowering staff with knowledge delivered by our Allied Health partners on customised health topics.  These topics can vary across many designed themes for example: nutrition “fuelling for success, ideal posture for your work environment, how to keep the mind focused and positive and how to program your lifestyle with a fitness regime and many more.

Building a rapport and the trust of an employee will drive the success to embrace a positive culture!  Progressive companies that understand investment in mind and body of their staff results in an engaged and dynamic workforce which equals profit and success.

Spoil your Team & Customers With our incentive offers

▪ Improve your workforce, reduce your sick leave, retain your staff.
▪ Have a more dynamic team and reduce stress.
▪ Clarity of mind increases focus and retention.
▪ A positive attitude and moral engages a happy team culture.
▪ Open creativity and leverage on optimum performance to make your workplace the place to be.

We have experienced that the value of offering a “health program” to businesses within the community means that we could also support individual needs if more help is required.

A forward-thinking organisation knows that healthy, motivated employees are the driving force behind every successful business. The nature of this program will benefit our “sedentary lifestyles and an ageing workforce” which is a growing threat to business performance so to invest in your most valuable asset – “your people” becomes of greater importance.

Create calm & serenity to a better work life balance

Temple Body & Soul’s unique approach is based on the principle that any health program should be done for and with your employees being a “co-create” approach thus aligning with your business philosophy and values, taking a holistic approach to the program.

We have designed the program by integrating the “mind & body” with services for your complete support.  Through information sessions that can be scheduled during lunch hours across a variety of topics ie. diet & nutrition, posture, using your mind effectively, carrying out regular weekly fitness regimes like yoga & pilates can compliment a well balanced health program.

Temple Body & Soul and our team of Allied Health partners are enthusiastic to support you through your tailored health program journey, so lets get started.

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